Any Key can sell you anti-spam solutions that are focused on protecting your business, not making your employees jump through hoops.

Piece of mind

Phishing attacks are getting more sophisticated.  Think about that employee you worry about.  How much easier would it be to have a giant red block of warnings at the top of any suspicious email they receive so you don't rely on their tech skills?

No add-ins, no DNS record changes, no quarantine to manage

The spam filters we recommend don't make it harder for your employees to work in email, they make it easier.  There's no additional point of failure introduced in the flow of your mail and the service can be turned off company-wide or on an individual basis if there were ever a need to, without fear that your clients will get a bounce-back or your email will not be delivered.

Protection from VIP Spoofing and Spear Phishing

Our anti-spam solutions can prevent from very clever and easy-to-implement, but hard-to-detect spoofing.  When someone sends an email with the same first and last name as a VIP in your company, from a legitimate third party email address, will your accounting department know to check the email address?  Or trust the name and signature?

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Spam protection and e-mail services are essential in any business nationwide, and to get the right service that's suited to you, call Any Key today.